Monday, April 25, 2016

A little healthy twist

I'm gonna try to be a little more healthy, all my foods have been pretty fattening, so I'm gonna try to be a little more nitricious this time. This week I had leftover mango and pineapple juice, so I decided to make a really simple smoothie. All you need is a spoonful of cream of coconut to add some sweetness and special flavor with a tropical flare. You could even use frozen pineapple juice ice cubes instead for more of a slush drink. You'll need about 8 pineapple ice cubes, some mango slices and some sugar or honey to sweeten it up a bit. Once you've got all that, just bled it up for a couple seconds, but not too long or the ice will melt and it'll become too watery. And once all that's done, pour yourself a nice glass and enjoy!  


  1. So yummy, I had this after the beach on Saturday! So refreshing and natural.